The image of an eye may also play a role in medical diagnostics. However, the macro photography of an iris as an individual piece of art for your home is a concept that we developed in 2012: All colours and shapes are captured with the greatest care, processed and made visible in enlarged form. Although the uniqueness of the eyes is the work of nature, our professional photography is the craft that fully expresses this beauty.

We shoot your iris photo in world leading quality with a camera system we developed and built ourselves . In an elaborate manual process we make even the finest nuances of your iris visible. The finished piece of art is produced according to your specifications and sent to your home.

If you visit us in a gallery, you can view a selection of photographs and receive consultation. Together we will decide on a favourite eye and get started: You take a seat and let yourself be guided in the process. Afterwards you will see a preview of the results and can ask questions about them. Last but not least, you will decide on a print of your choice based on the exhibited samples.

Our maxim is the best possible and lifelike reproduction of your iris. Their colours and structures are recorded and reproduced without loss. Our overall artistic concept also requires the iris to be reproduced circularly against a background of your choice. In this way the motif is abstracted from the organic original and gains aesthetic value.

You can always visit us during the opening hours of our galleries. However, we advise you to book an appointment - this way, waiting times can be avoided and we can focus entirely on your questions and wishes.

Ultimately, your choice of product determines the price. Depending on the material and format, we can already give you an orientation  here . On site you can get detailed information and advice about products and prices.

The shooting itself only takes a few minutes - but you are welcome to plan half an hour or more for your stay with us. The production time of the artwork is about two weeks and ends with the dispatch to your or a different address of your choice. We also offer a print on site, which will take about an hour to be processed.

Our iris photography is absolutely safe for your eyes. Both the procedure and the technology used have been developed by us with this in mind. We work with great sensitivity and with maximum efficiency so that your eyes can remain relaxed.

Depending on their intensity, contact lenses can cause disturbing effects such as refraction and tear film. They should therefore be removed for optimum quality - our galleries have all the necessary utensils ready for you.

We offer different variants for the combination of two or more eyes. Please ask our staff on site. 

It is difficult to give a general minimum age, but our experience suggests about 5 years. For a successful iris photo we need a few minutes of concentration and cooperation. You are probably the best person to judge whether this is possible with your child. Our tip: If the child shows interest and wants an iris photo for himself, it will most certainly work!

In our galleries you can pay cash or by EC- and credit card. Repeat orders and vouchers in the online shop can be paid via Paypal and bank transfer.

Can I have brown or black eyes photographed?

We photograph all eyes of all people! Experience shows that the result is a special revelation with dark eyes, because in everyday situations you usually don't get such a detailed view of them. With our technology we can lighten even the darkest eye and make its sand-like pigmentation visible. Take a look at our gallery on the  start page : there you will find, among others, beautiful brown eyes.

Green eyes are mystical and special. This is partly because, strictly speaking, they do not exist - at least not as a pigmentation on the iris. The basic structure of an iris is always blue, caused by the refraction of light. On top of this is the pigment melanin, which is dark and light brown or yellow. If there is a hint of yellow above the blue, the eye appears green. Due to the high magnification of our photograph, the two primary colours can be seen separately.

When you view our digital product on different devices, you may see different appearances. This is due to the screens and has nothing to do with photography. However, the best colour representation is achieved with our printed products.