Every guest receives their personal IRIS PHOTO as a keepsake, available in various formats such as digital files, elegant thank-you cards, or high-quality prints with or without a company logo. This will ensure that your event is remembered for a long time.

Discover our flexible packages now and make your event an unforgettable experience for all guests.

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Our prices for iris photography at events vary depending on the package. We can photograph up to 15 people per camera per hour. Additionally, we have a person on-site who collects visitor data. If you wish to have prints on-site, a retoucher will also be involved.

Each person we photograph will receive a digital file sent via email. If you wish to have prints on-site, there will be an additional fee of €20 per print.

We offer three basic packages primarily targeting group sizes - starting at 1200€ for 30 persons. 

Please contact us for a custom offer.

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